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Monday, August 20, 2012

Let the Third Grade Adventures Begin!

It's done! Students will be walking in tomorrow and beginning a year full of fun and learning. I'm getting excited now, but also a bit nervous with all the new changes this year. We are new to standards based 

learning and will have to post our objectives for the first year. We are not following text books but rather designing our own lessons. I'm beginning to use Whole Brain Teaching and therefore will be watching a few more videos today to prepare for teaching the class rules. I know this will be fun. 

Book boxes for Daily Five an Math Tool Boxes
 I just don't know how you all out in blog land keep up with everything.  I went missing for a couple weeks with school meetings and working on this room.  My goal will be to keep posting throughout the school year and to continue following all of the other wonderful blogs out there.  As I create new things I'll be sharing those too.  I just wanted everyone interested to see the final pictures.  I set up for 12 students and have 11 on my list so far. 
Math Station and clay drawers for Davis Learning Strategies
If you read an earlier post you know that I was worried about only having 6 - 8 students so 11 is great!  YEA!

Let the Third Grade Adventures begin!

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